Joie Jewelry is an emerging, female-founded, Toronto-based jewelry company, established in 2015.

We strongly believe in the power of jewelry to bring people “joie de vivre” (joy) and to brighten up their lives.

We design and distribute jewelry, handcrafted in Canada and Spain. We are an official distributor of TOUS, Carrera y Carrera, and PDPaola, iconic Spanish brands.

In addition to selling Spanish jewelry, we also design our own pieces, which are crafted by local jewelers. We create jewelry for today’s women: independent, unique and elegant, by combining the highest quality materials, an innovative design and outstanding craftsmanship.

Recently, an exquisite selection of Art Deco and Nouveau Estate Jewelry pieces was added to our collection.

Joie Jewelry offers a multitude of services including: custom design and creation, GIA gemological services (including appraisals and evaluations), jewelry repairs, and curated jewelry consignment.