Joie Jewelry was featured in the fall 2019 edition of Dolce Magazine
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“Jewelry is all about happiness and joy,” says Natalia Lisochkina, owner of Yorkville’s newly amalgamated Joie Jewelry.

Formerly known as Carrera y Carrera, this iconic Spanish jewelry brand was amalgamated with another beloved Spanish jeweler, Tous Jewelry, in July of this year. The end goal was that of creating stunning and unique collections of jewelry under the jubilant new name, Joie Jewelry. “The Tous brand is very different; it is a strong compliment to the Carrera brand,” Lisochkina says. “We’ve positioned ourselves as a boutique selling only Spanish brands, which makes us a rare treasure.” 

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Although Tous has an extensive and diverse portfolio of products, including accessories, bags, watches, fragrances and eyewear, Joie Jewelry’s focus is centered specifically on jewelry. “We are a boutique selling jewelry, not accessories,” Lisochkina says. “A lot of jewelry brands copy each other, but Tous and Carrera’s designs are one of a kind influenced by Spanish and European culture. The sculptured designs are what sets us apart.”

The Barcelona-based Tous, a huge brand that creates 30 jewelry collections a year, was specifically chosen because its collections compliment Carrera’s on a variety of platforms, especially around price points. Positioning themselves as affordable luxury, Tous’ pieces start at $100 and go upwards, as opposed to Carrera, whose prices begin at $3,000. “It gives us options for customers who come into the store looking to buy something special for gifts and family keepsakes for generations to come,” Lisochkina says. “Tous offers more affordable options and a wide range of products for our customers, who are happy because they now have the option to choose from two different, highly unique, colourful, and joyful jewelry brands.”

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After I find things that inspire me, I buy stones that speak directly to me, to my emotions” Lisochkina says. “I explain my ideas to one of Joie’s five designers, who then create them professionally under the Joie brand. Altogether, Joie’s employees, including gemologists have over 50 years of jewelry experience.