10 Jewelry Basics Everyone Needs to Know

Accessories are the accent pieces that bring your outfits together. Not everyone wants to spend hours getting ready, or years curating their unique sense of style. That’s why it’s important to add these jewelry basics to your collection so you always have classic pieces to rely on. In this article, we’re going to outline the 10 jewerly basics you need to jumpstart a killer fashionable yet classy look. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know. 

Built Your Collection With These Top Ten Jewelry Essentials 

Basic Hoops 

Hoops are the perfect everyday earring, especially if you enjoy sleek hairstyles or updos. They can be scaled up for a night out, or used as an accent for professional everyday wear. Match your hoops with other jewelry pieces by choosing gold, silver, or rose gold. If you like mixing metals, consider adding a few of each to your collection. We recommend having some silver and some gold jewelry so you always have options. 

Stackable Rings 

Stackable rings are ideal for quick styling because they are so versatile. Pair them alone, on different fingers, or stacked together on one finger for a bold look. Choose a few minimal bands that add dimension, alongside some rings with gemstones, diamonds or statement pendants. Rings are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your look, especially if you speak with your hands. 

Dainty Anklets 

The anklet is a long-forgotten jewelry piece for some people, but it really takes any outfit to the next level. If you wear heels or wedges, a simple anklet can accent your legs in a delicate way. When you walk into a room, you automatically look ‘put together’ since you are virtually accessorized from head to toe. 

Pearl Necklaces 

A strand of pearls is a great necklace option to have on hand. If you want to opt for more unique options, consider different pearl shades, shapes or sizes. Although this might not be an everyday look, it’s great for special occasions when you need to throw a basic piece on with a little black dress. 

Pearl Earrings 

You can’t throw on a luxurious pearl necklace without some matching earrings. If you’re wondering how to build a jewelry collection, consider choosing pieces that go well together. One or two matching sets are versatile since you can wear them alone or as a pair. Choose between studs or a delicate pair of eye-catching dangle earrings. 

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are a great opportunity to personalize your jewelry collection. Consider grabbing something with your initials, astrological sign, or birthstone. A pendant necklace can be worn every day and layered with other jewelry pieces for a night out. 

Cuff Bracelet 

If you recently read our fall jewelry trends blog, you probably heard about how hot cuff bracelets are right now. Cuff bracelets have been in style for years and they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Grab a dainty bracelet for everyday wear, and save your cuff bracelets for bold outfits. Choose it in a corresponding material so it matches the rest of your collection. 

Gemstone Earrings 

Gemstone earrings allow you to add a bit of color to your everyday looks. Maybe you have a favorite stone with a metaphysical meaning, or you just love a certain color. Whatever it may be, every jewelry collection should have a unique pair of gemstone earrings. As you expand your selections, you can add matching necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Gemstone earrings also make a great gift that you can add on to every holiday. 

Long Chain Necklace

A long chain necklace adds a bit of elegance to your outfits, and can be layered with other necklaces. Grab a dainty silver and gold long necklaces that you can mix and match depending on the occasion. 

Thin Pendant Bracelet 

A thin pendant bracelet can be something you wear every day, especially if you invest in a nice material. You can match it with your pendant necklace and earrings, or simply opt for a thin chain in silver and gold. Small bracelets are great since they are lightweight and versatile. If you wear a watch or other wrist accessories, they won't get in the way of your essentials. 

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